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Essentials of Medical Physiology

 Author: K Sembulingam & Prema Sembulingam  Category: General Books  Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd  ISBN: 978-93-5025-936-8  Pages: 1113  Country: New Delhi  Language: English

With this Sixth edition, Sembulingam’s Essentials of Medical Physiology enters into its second decade and the core subject matter with updated physiological information remain as green as ever. We live in an era where the thirst for knowledge and urge for learning is so much increased that even a layman knows the fundamentals of common disorders like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, jaundice, etc. So, it becomes doubly important to fulfill the expectations of the educated mass, especially in medical field.
We are humbly thankful and heavenly happy for the popularity of this book among the undergraduate and postgraduate students of medical, dental and paramedical courses, doctors and other health professionals in and out of our country.
Our thirst for improving this textbook is growing every year by seeing outright acceptance of this book by the students, and the appreciation and overwhelming support given by our fellow teachers. The most comments and the suggestions, we receive from our readers, are responsible for better shaping of this book in every edition.
This edition is enriched with addition of many more flow charts, tables and descriptive diagrams to make the subject matter easier and approachable for all class of students. Many chapters are upgraded as per the suggestions from our colleagues and fellow teachers from various institutes and universities in and out of India. Our thirst for improving this book is still alive. The improvement is possible only by the comments and suggestions expressed by the readers. So, we welcome the opinions, comments and valuable suggestions from one and all who
happen to come across this book.

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