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First Aid for the Psychiatry Clerkship

 Author: Latha Ganti  Category:  Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education  ISBN: 978-0-07-184175-7  Pages: 236  Country: New York  Language: English

This clinical study aid was designed in the tradition of the First Aid series of books. It is formatted in the same way as the other books in this series; how-
ever, a stronger clinical emphasis was placed on its content in relation to psy-chiatry. You will find that rather than simply preparing you for success on the
clerkship exam, this resource will help guide you in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of many problems seen by psychiatrists.
Each of the chapters in this book contains the major topics central to the practice of psychiatry and has been specifically designed for the medical stu-dent learning level. It contains information that psychiatry clerks are expected to learn and will ultimately be responsible for on their shelf exams.
The content of the text is organized in the format similar to other texts in the First Aid series. Topics are listed by bold headings, and the “meat” of the top-ics provides essential information

first aid of psychiatry (PDF)