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Handbook of Disaster and Emergency Management

 Author: Amir Khorram-Manesh  Category: General Books  Publisher: Kompendiet  ISBN: 978-91-639-3200-7  Pages: 183  Country: Gothenburg Sweden  Language: English  Tags:Amir Khorram-Manesh | Disaster and Emergency Management |



Although disasters and major incidents are rare events, international statistics show an increasing number of such events in the last decades. Transportation incidents, increasing numbers of mass gatherings, chemical and technical incidents, increasing number of armed conflicts and terrorism are some of the major reasons for this increasing pattern. Any of these events may result in severe casualties, destruction of infrastructures and create a situation in which the number of victims may exceed available resources.
Much of the knowledge in disaster medicine has been based on the “lessons learned”. However, it has been proven that no lessons learned theoretically can actively be used in practice if the
knowledge is not tested in a practical environment. In this perspective, the major clinical excellence and testing laboratories for disaster response are the scenes where disasters happen. Yet, most of the research and reports in the field are produced in high-income countries, while most of the disasters happen in middle- or low-income countries. There is thus a need to bring these two environments together in order to use the theoretical knowledge in practice and among people who are highly exposed and involved in the multidisciplinary management of a disaster or major incident.
In this project, we have initiated an academic program in which the theoretical knowledge is mixed with practical exercises in an environment that allows mistakes and repetitive learning. The blended learning model used in the program enables the use of this educational model in different countries with different resources. This program consists of theoretical lectures, seminars, internet-based learning, table-top exercises and simulation exercises. In order to standardize the knowledge and enable an easier access to the literature, this handbook was created. Many internationally known academics and field workers have contributed to produce the 30 chapters of this book. The topics included are based on research published in the literature (see introduction). Our goal is to offer an easy and accessible book for all professionals involved in the management of disasters and major incidents. This book is no substitute for reference books in disaster medicine but should be seen as a primary introduction to the subject.

Handbook of Disaster management - Amir Khorram M