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Human Parasitology

 Author: Burton J. Bogitsh & Clint E. Carter  Category: Medical Laboratory Technology  Publisher: Elsevier  ISBN: 978-0-12-415915-0  Pages: 430  Country: United Kingdom  Language: English  Tags:4th edition | Burton J. Bogitsh & Clint E. Carter | Human Parasitology |

Several years ago we recognized the need for a textbook of human parasitology designed specifically for premedical, medical technology, and biology students who required basic knowledge of the biology of parasitism, and we began to consider collaborating on such a text. As the idea germinated, we decided that, while emphasizing the medical aspects of the topic, the book
should incorporate sufficient functional morphology, physiology, biochemistry, and immunology to enhance appreciation of the diverse implications of parasitism. It would
also explore the potential of certain parasites for producing morbidity and mortality and would present available data regarding the modus operandi of certain modern chemotherapeutic agents.

Through considerable discussion and several revisions of the manuscript, the first edition of Human Parasitology evolved. One of the goals for Human Parasitology was that it would serve as a bridge between classical clinical parasitology texts and the more traditional encyclopedic, advanced treatises that include in-depth consideration of biochemistry and immunology as well as the inclusion of those parasites that infect nonhuman hosts (e.g., strigeids of fishes, amphibians, and birds).


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