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 Author: David Male, Jonathan Brostoff  Category: Medical Laboratory Technology  Publisher: Elsevier, Saunders  ISBN: 978-0-323-08058-3  Pages: 472  Country: USA  Language: English  Tags:8th edition | David Male | Immunology | Jonathan Brostoff |

In previous editions of Immunology, we have used the preface to outline the major immunological advances that have taken place since the previous edition. Recently, however,
advances in the teaching of biomedical science have been just as striking as advances in immunology. Students now learn from a variety of interlinked media, including books,
DVDs, and websites. This edition of Immunology reflects these changes in science teaching. We have produced this edition as an integrated teaching package, which is presented in two formats. In both cases they can be read as a continuous narrative but they have slightly different content:
the book contains what we consider to be the core areas and concepts of immunology
the electronic teaching package includes all the material in the book, plus additional sections within the chapters, which expand on the core material and provide background on immunological methods. It also provides active links to the publisher’s website and external websites, and allows more innovative use of video and questions within the text and at the end of the chapters.
Moreover, the availability of much essential information online means that it is now better to provide links to web-sites that are updated regularly, rather than rely on printed
tables of, for example, CD molecules and cytokines.In the past 5 years, there have also been major advances in immunology, particularly in our understanding of innate immune defenses, and immune recognition systems. These evolutionarily ancient mechanisms for recognizing pathogen, have been retained in mammals and indeed have developed alongside the adaptive immune system. In the eighth edition of Immunology, we have expanded on innate immunity throughout the text. This truly reflects the way the immune system operates with the integration of ancient
and recently-evolved immune defenses.

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