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Textbook of Pathology

 Author: Harsh Mohan  Category: General Books  Publisher: The Health Sciences Publishers  ISBN: 978-93-5152-369-7  Pages: 969  Country: New Delhi  Language: English

As I sit down to put my thoughts into words for the 7th revised edition of my Textbook of Pathology, I look back with satisfaction how this book has grown phenomenally since its modest beginning in 1992. During these years, successive editions of the textbook have brought me closer to enumerable well-wishers, won me life-long friends, rewarded me with respect and faith
of my colleagues, got me blessings of senior professionals, and earned me affection of innumerable students and fans. It has been really highly gratifying journey so far. At the same time, such an abiding trust by users of previous editions of my textbook certainly puts an onerous responsibility on me to come up to their expectations and make it better with every new edition. It is
this motivation and zeal which I pursued while preparing the thoroughly transformed and updated 7th revised edition which I am pleased to present to users.
Diagnostic pathology has been growing exponentially with advances in molecular methods, cytogenetics and immunology, besides the ready availability of immunohistochemistry. In fact, in the current era, immunophenotyping and cytogenetics have been recommended as defining criteria for classification, diagnosis and prognostication of growing number of cancers.
In such a scenario, it is quite natural that undergraduate students of pathology should be made aware of what is happening in the realm of diagnostic science while at the same time not forgetting to lose hold of the fundamental aspects of pathology of diseases. Thus, for beginners in pathology, for whom this textbook is primarily meant, a balanced approach for learning of pathology is recommended i.e. the students must learn basic morphologic pathology including recent knowledge of etiology and pathogenesis of diseases, and simultaneously they should know the contribution of modern diagnostic techniques mentioned above towards achieving the goal of an objective ‘final diagnosis’ that is prognostically relevant as well. This
philosophy for teaching and learning of pathology has been followed in the present edition but without disturbing the basic format of the book.

Textbook of Pathology”]